The Service for Foreigners’ Affairs and the Border Police express their determination every day to devote themselves to all the important issues that are in the focus of illegal migration, and which are key to detecting and preventing illegal migration, thus ensuring the safety of citizens in the territory of BiH even more efficiently.

In the previous period, measures were taken under the jurisdiction of the Service for Foreigners’ Affairs and the Border Police of BiH, with the aim of combating illegal migration, in accordance with the signed Framework Plan for joint action and cooperation between the two agencies.

The activities carried out by these two agencies are primarily aimed at preventing and deterring people from illegally crossing the state border, preventing foreigners from illegally entering the territory of BiH, finding illegal migrants on the territory of BiH and taking them to the Temporary Reception Centers, return and reception in accordance with Agreements on Readmission.

In accordance with the above, joint planning activities were carried out in the previous two days in the area of ​​responsibility of the Units Zvornik and Velika Kladuša, where 275 people of African-Asian origin were detected illegally crossing the state border, and attempting to illegally cross the state border, most often coming from the following countries: Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Morocco, India, Syria, Nepal, Palestine and other. A part of them is subject to the return procedure to the country from which they came illegally, in accordance to the Agreement on Readmission, while a certain number of foreign nationals are placed in the Temporary Reception Centers.

The Service for Foreigners’ Affairs and the Border Police of BiH will continue to undertake joint enhanced activities in the coming period in accordance with the mentioned Framework Plan.

Based on analyses and assessments of migration trends, officers of the two mentioned agencies will work together at the places of the most frequent illegal entry of foreigners into BiH, and verify their purpose of arrival. Surveillance of the state border will be carried out jointly, and will carry out joint action in the implementation of procedures for the readmission of foreigners from BiH under abbreviated procedures, about which the public will be informed in a timely manner.

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