The meeting with the Delegation of the Immigration Centre from Netherlands

The Head of the Programme Management Unit of the European Network for Return and Reintegration- ERRIN, Ruben Laurijssens with his closest associates, visited the Service for Foreigners’ Affairs.

The Director of the Service, Žarko Laketa, warmly welcomed the delegation from the Netherlands and presented the guests with the jurisdiction and work of the Service for Foreigners' Affairs, and also introduced them to the current migrant situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Given that Mr. Ruben's main competencies are the development and management of international projects with several European countries, he shared his work experience in the field of migration with Mr. Laketa.

The exchange of information and experience is always desirable, and this time as well, the meeting was successfully completed to mutual satisfaction with the stated intention for cooperation between the Service for Foreigners’ Affairs and the delegation from the Netherlands.

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