Meeting of the Director  of the Service for Foreigners’ Affairs and representatives of  Civipol

Today Director of the Service for Foreigners' Affairs , Mr Žarko Laketa held a meeting with the representative of Civipol from the French Ministry of the Interior, Mr Jean-Philippe Verne.

At the very beginning of the meeting, Mr Verne wished Director Laketa a luck in a future work, and pointed out that this conversation is important for him, given that it is a mutual interest to oppose irregular migration.

Subject of the meeting was implementation of the project, entitled  „ Support to Strenghten the Fight against Migrant Smuggling and Trafficking in Human Beings in the Western Balkans“, as well the proposal of joint cooperation, so that the Service for Foreigners' Affairs could improve its operational level, given that one of the main goals of this project aimed at providing and improving basic criminal skills related to human trafficking and smuggling of migrants. 

The program is implemented by some of the member states of the European Union (Germany, France, Italy and the Netherlands), which are composed of the representatives of organizations and institutions: the German Agency for International Cooperation (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit), the Technical cooperation operator of the French Ministry of the Interior (Civipol), Ministry of Interior of Italy and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands.

This meeting, as highlighted by Director Laketa, was extremely useful, meaningful and an excellent guideline for the improvement of the aforementioned cooperation, with mutual interest.

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