Delegation of Slovak Republic visited the Service for Foreigners’ Affairs

Delegation of Slovak Republic, consisting of Dr Amra Sarajlić and MSc Juraj Klatik from the Office for Migration of the Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic, then Dr Zlatica Zacharova and Dr Pavol Kopinec from Komenskeho University - Bratislava, and Dr Petar Smeriga from Matej Bela University in Bansk Bystrica visited today the Service for Foreigners' Affairs.

The Deputy Director of the Service, Mr Mirsad Buzar, led the meeting where the exchange of experiences in migration management was discussed. The very goal of this visit is to get familiar with the work and procedures of the Slovak authorities in this area, as well the efforts made in daily work, presenting the activities in the work of the Service for Foreigners' Affairs, and the continuation of cooperation, given that the Service already has established cooperation with the Slovak Republic.

Upon the meeting, a visit to the Temporary Reception Center Ušivak was organized, the work and activities of this camp were presented to the delegation, and Mr Buzar informed the guests about the current migrant situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The conclusion of today's meeting is that exchange of experiences in the field of migration is of mutual interest to Bosnia and Herzegovina and Slovak Republic, and it is necessary to constantly work on improvement in order to respond as efficiently as possible to all the challenges that migration entails.

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