Meeting of Director of the Service for Foreigners’ Affairs and Director of Agency of Forensic and Expert Examinations

Today, the Director of the Service for Foreigners' Affairs, Mr. Žarko Laketa received a visit from the Director of Forensic and Expert Examinations,Mr. Radiša Samardžija.

At the meeting, the good cooperation and coordination so far  between two agencies has been highlighted, which is of great importance, given that joint action may provide a much better answer to the issue of migration management in BiH, as one of the important security challenges for our country.   

Director of the Service for Foreigners' Affairs, Mr. Žarko Laketa and Director of the Agency of Forensic and Expert Examinations, discussed the compentencies of the SFA itself as well and all other challenges that the Service for Foreigners' Affairs encounters, and the experiences in the work of both agencies were exchanged.

During the meeting, Mr. Laketa presented the realized activities that marked the past period and the planned activities that are of common importance for both agencies. In this regard, the modalities of future cooperation were agreed upon, and specifically cooperation in the training of taking biometric data was agreed.

The interlocutors assessed today's meeting as very successful, and expressed their belief and commitment for the continuation of cooperation, all with the aim of preserving a safe and stable environment in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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