The continuation of cooperation between the Service for Foreigners’Affairs  and CIVIPOL

Director of the Service for Foreigners’ Affairs, Mr. Žarko Laketa, held an important meeting with the representative of CIVIPOL from the French Ministry of Interior, Mr. Jean- Philippe Verne.

The main topic of the meeting was the continuation of cooperation between these two institutions in the field of migration and security. Director Laketa informed Mr. Verne in detail about the current migrant situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina, highlighting the key trends and routes of movement of migrants.

They discussed the current challenges which Bosnia and Herzegovina is facing related to migration, as well as the need to strengthen capacities and cooperation in this area.

Mr. Jean- Philippe Verne emphasized the importance of today's meeting as an excellent guideline for the improvement of cooperation between the Service for Foreigners' Affairs and CIVIPOL of the French Ministry of the Interior.

Also, the meeting emphasized the importance of further development of this cooperation in order to more effectively respond to the challenges of migration and security, which represents another step that confirms the importance of dialogue and joint action in dealing with the complex issues of migration in the modern world.

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