The presentation of activities and reporting of Displacement Tracking Matrix (DTM) program took place in Belgrade, which is of great importance for the Service for Foreigners’ Affairs. This event featured presentations on the DTM methodology and findings pertaining to migratory flows through the Western Balkans and route monitoring.

DTM as a key tool provides useful information on migration, enables precise tracking and understanding the dynamic of migratory flows. Presentations covered analyses of migratory routes and trends, providing deeper review into migratory processes and challenges that region of Western Balkans faced with.  

Discussions during the event emphasized the importance of cooperation between IOM, DTM and the Service for Foreigners’ Affairs in solving migration-related issues. This gathering was also an opportunity to share experiences and best practices in the field of migration , which will further strengthen the capacities of all participants in dealing with migration challenges in the Western Balkans. 

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