Ambassador of the Republic of France in BiH visited the Service for Foreigners’ Affairs: Cooperation and support in focus

On 26 February 2024, Ambassador of Republic of France, Mr.  Francois Delmas, visited the Service for Foreigners’ Affairs in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Ambassador Delmas, together with Mr. Philipp Gangloff, Police Attaché for Internal Security of the Embassy of Republic of France in BiH, Colonel of National Gendarmerie and Mr. Jean-Philipp Verne, the Representative of  CIVIPOL  from French Ministry of Interior held a meeting with Director of Service for Foreigners’ Affairs , Mr.  Žarko Laketa.

At the meeting , the already existing cooperation between the Republic of France and the Service for Foreigners’ Affairs was highlighted, as well the excellent relations that have been developed over the years.

Ambassador Delmas particularly emphasized the quality of cooperation and the friendly relationship between these two sides.

The topic of illegal migration and people smuggling was of the key points of discussion of today’s meeting. Thus, the Director Laketa informed Ambassador Delmas on the current migrant situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina, referring to the previous year, and presented the work of the SFA itself. He highlighted the achieved results, statistical data, signed readmission agreements with other countries and the current situation in migrant camps.

Also, Mr. Laketa emphasized that Bosnia and Herzegovina must pass through certain transitions in order to fully undertake the management of migration in country.

He especially thanked for the support through the EU4FAST project, which enabled cooperation with experts such as Mr. Verne, the Representative of CIVIPOL.

Also, he praised and pointed out the importance of previous constructive talks and meetings with Mr. Gangloff.

Ambassador Delmas supported Director Laketa in the opinion that it is important to have professional partners and expressed his readiness for the Republic of France to continue to provide support and cooperation to the Service for Foreigners’ Affairs.

After the meeting, Ambassador Delmas pointed out that he wants to continue to have excellent cooperation with the SFA and to be of help in everything that is in the power of the Republic of France, and the visit of Ambassador Delmas itself highlighted the importance of international cooperation and support in managing the migrant situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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