The Service for Foreigners’ Affairs and Foreign Investment Agency of BiH join forces

Director of Service for Foreigners’ Affairs, Mr. Žarko Laketa and Director of the Foreign Investment Promotion Agency of Bosnia and Herzegovina Mr. Marko Kubatlija, together with their teams, held constructive meeting with a view of improving the business climate and attracting the foreign investment.

Mr. Kubatlija presented the work and competences of the Foreign Investment Promotion Agency of BiH, highlighting the importance of cooperation with the Service for Foreigners’ Affairs. Facilitated regulation of residence status for foreign citizens who want to invest in our country is of great importance because in this way we improve the business environment, which would have a positive impact on the economic development of BiH.

The cooperation between these two agencies aims to attract foreign investments and improve the country's economic development.

Thus, Director Laketa emphasized his readiness to provide services from the competence of the Service for Foreigners’ Affairs in a selfless way, in order to facilitate the process of foreign citizens investing in BiH.

Both agencies hope that the continuation of their cooperation will contribute to the creation of an efficient and attractive environment for foreign citizens to invest in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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