Service for Foreigners' Affairs as an administrative organization with operative independence within the B&H Ministry of Security is holder in solving the immigration issues, has unique technique and operation in solving immigration issues in whole region of B&H, thereto in the first place conducts tasks of surveillance and control of movement and stay of foreigners in B&H, thus provides significant contribution to protection of the B&H safety system which is very demanding and complex.

Taking into consideration the EU standards in solving issues of migration management, one of the priorities goals of SFA is an establishment of balance between efficient migration management in B&H and respecting freedom of movement.

By performing operative-inspection tasks and administrative and legal affairs, the Service controls arrival of foreigners from visas regime into B&H through procedures of verification of invitation letters, solves status of foreigners in B&H through approval or refusal of foreigner's stay in country, cancellation of stay, expulsion, placing under surveillance , and forced removal of foreigner from country.

Service previosly  conducts all required security checks, prior to making decision on procedure of verification of invitation letter, checks related to previously issued consent for issuing visas type 'D', and prior to solving request for approval of temporary and permanent stay. By tackling required security checks in procedure of verification of invitation letters, or prior that foreigners arrives in B&H, the B&H security system is being protected.

In order to contribute to overall the B&H security system, the Service within its operative-inspection competences, operative work by inspectors for foreigners gathers daily data on all aspects of irregular migration and irregular migrants, monitors stay and controls stay of foreigners through their eventual misuse and the illegality of use of stay, and eventual threat to public order or national safety of country by the certain category of foreigners.