Immigration Center

Immigration Center is specialized institution for admission and accommodation of foreginers  , who had received the measure of placing under surveillance pursuant to the Law by the decision of relevant institution in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The Center is established within Service for Foreigners' Affairs, and inagurated in July 2008, with capacity of 25 beds in male pavilion and 15 beds in female pavilion.The new facility for admission of illegal migrants with capacity of 80 beds has started to work in November 2009, while in July 2011, the temporary male division has been redecorated into two family apartments for accommodation of families with children.


Currently, Immigration Center has at its disposal capacity of 80 beds in male pavilion , 12 beds in female pavilion, and two family apartments.

Since the inaguration of Immigration Center until half of year 2016, over 2000 users has been accommodated at the Center and over 100 minors.

Since 2011 when approximetly over thirty users resided in Center per day, declining trend of users is present, which is reflection of serious approach of Service in migration management , and alteration of movement route of migrants.

Determination of user's identity affects a lot on detention period at the Center, considering that the great number of individuals who are being placed at the Immigration Cenetr are without identification documents, and aggravating circumstance is statement on identity, which turns to be false, that additionaly extends period of stay at the Center. Also, the certain number of users during their stay at the Center submit the request for international protection ( asylum), which disable return into parent country, which also extend the stay at the Center.


The security officers in addition to security operations conduct taking of users from field offices  to the Immigration Center, as well deportation of individuals. Up to now the security officers and escort executed successfully over 1700 assitences and removals has been organized and conducted, and charter removal of persons who had been declared by the relevant agencies that represent threat to national safety in B&H.