Notice on special regime of work of the Service for Foreigners’ Affairs

Notice on special regime of work of the Service for Foreigners' Affairs

We inform you that Service for Foreigners' Affairs in accordance with recommendations by the Council of Ministers, Institute for Public Health of Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Institute for Public Health of Republika Srpska, Department for Health and other services of the BiH Brčko District, took certain preventive measures and actions in order to prevent, minimize the spreading of virus COVID-19 and as well protection of employees, and parties who are coming at the official premises of Service for Foreigners’ Affairs, and as it follows:

• Work with parties at the Field Offices is limited to the minimum and will be conducted in period from  10.00 am to 12.00 (noon).

• Applications for verification of invitation letters wiil be received and solved only in exceptional cases;

• Receiving applications by paties will be conducted in limited regime and only in justified situations;

• In the situations of justifiable impediment to apply within prescribed deadlines, the aforementioned facts should be notified at the competent Field office via official email address;

• Stickers for stay approval will not be issued unless in case when party presents an evidence on particular justified reasons for issuance of it (travel, exercising other rights)

• Persons who have expired the right on visa free, visa or approved stay in BiH, but  have not left  the country, should contact the relevant Field office with eventual evidence on justification of their delay  which will be considered in each individual case.

All parties coming at the permises of Service for Foreigners' Affairs are obligied to wear protection mask, subject to safeguards and control, and only with approval by authorized person may enter at the official permises of Service for Foreigners' Affairs.

You may find official address of Field offices and contact phone for information here

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