The Head of Department for National Operation of Unit for Liasion of Kingdom Sweden Police Christer Brannerud and the First Secretary at the Embassy of Sweden Anna-Karin Hermansson,  had visited today the Service for Foreigners Affairs, and met with Director Slobodan Ujić and Deputy Director Mirsad Buzar.

Reason of the visit of Sweden representatives is inauguration of liason office of Kingdom Sweden here in BiH, which shall commence operating in April of 2018. The liason officer of Kingdom Sweden shall be contact person in BiH for all Nordic States which will  significantly increase possibility of exchange information and operative data which is in interest of both sides.

On this occasion, the guests were informed about the work of the Service for Foreigners Affairs, its competences, organisation, and current situation regarding issue of migration in BiH, with  particular reference on significant increase of illegal migrants' number.

Director of Service fully supported the work of the office of liason officer , and voiced confidence that the inauguration of office is the mutual interest for Bosnia and Herzegovina and Sweden given the many links of these two countries.

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