Service for Foreigners Affairs placed under surveillance in the Immigration Center person representing a threat to national security of BiH

On day 20/10/2017 , inspectors of Service for Foreigners Affairs with assistence of members of State Investigation and Protection Agency apprehended individual F.A., in the area of Ilidža, the citizen of the Republic Serbia who represents the threat to national security of Bosnia and Herzegovina due to the relations with organized crime. It is forbidden entry and stay at the territory of BiH to this foreign citizen in duration of three years, thus he is placed under surveillance in the Immigration Center of Service for Foreigners Affairs.

The aforesaid individual has been earlier than convicted for a criminal offense organized crime as a member of criminal group of Zijad Turković.

Service for Foreigners Affairs undertakes all necessary measures and actions in order to remove individual F.A. from the BiH territory.

Service shall continue to conduct the enhanced measures of movement and stay  control of aliens in BiH, and shall provide the full contribution to the BiH security by its operative action.

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