SFA and UNHCR meeting

On 6 February 2018, a meeting was held between the representatives of the Ministry of Security of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Office of the Service for Foreigners’ Affairs (SFA) and UNHCR Representation in Bosnia and Herzegovina at the Service’s premises.

SFA’s Director, Mr. Slobodan Ujić, UNHCR Deputy Representative for SE Europe Ms. Francesca Bonelli and UNHCR in BiH Senior Protection Officer, Ms. Stephanie Woldenberg exchanged information on the current situation of increased number of asylum seekers in Bosnia and Herzegovina and assessed current needs for strengthening of SFA capacities to perform the tasks within its competence.

Reiterating ongoing UNHCR support to SFA, including the donation valued at some 16.000 BAM, Bonelli stated: “UNHCR recognizes the importance of SFA’s role in referring asylum seekers to the Asylum process in BiH, and has enjoyed excellent partnership over the years together with other actors in the asylum procedure to help many people in need of international protection.  While the majority of UNHCR’s support relates to training and capacity building, today we are glad to extend support to the Service for Foreigners’ Affairs with ICT and office equipment, which will assist them in their work, including on behalf of asylum seekers”.

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