VISION The Service for Foreigners’ Affairs

is an administrative body responsible for efficient and cost-effective management over the system for control of migratory movements on the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

MISSION The Service for Foreigners’ Affairs

is to conduct an effective and efficient control over the movement and stay of foreign nationals. Aiming to contribute to the general security situation and safety of citizens, it is also tasked for the admission, surveillance, accommodation, and expulsion of foreign nationals with illegal stay.

COMPETENCIES The Service for Foreigners’ Affairs

is responsible for inspection, supervision and control over the movement and stay of foreign nationals. It is the authority for administrative procedures pertaining to: the requests of foreign nationals for approval of residence; the measures of surveillance over the foreigners with illegal stay in BiH; as well as the deportation/admission of persons imposed a measure of expulsion.



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Opening Statement of Director

Dear Visitors,

Welcome to the official Internet presentation of the Service for Foreigners’ Affairs where you may find basic information on the institution, its competencies and organized structure thus the role that has in safety system of BiH through management legal and illegal migration, combating organized crime, smuggling and trafficking in human beings.

Through a responsible approach and in order to provide timely information and developing transparent relationship with public, there are available information in the presentation on our plans and realized activities, cooperation with national and international partners, conducted public procurement, statistics reports and indicators as well all other relevant information for foreign citizens and the BiH citizens as well, through replies on the most frequent queries, precise guidelines and publications, electronic forms and list of required documentation for smooth and legal stay in BiH.


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