The Ambassador of Swiss Confederation Andrea Rauber Saxer and Director for Cooperation at the Embassy of Switzerland in BiH  Barbara Dätwyler Scheuer, had visited today the Service for Foreigners Affairs, and met with Director  Slobodan Ujić and Deputy Director Mirsad Buzar.

Director Ujić particularly thanked to the Governement of Switzerland on the help which offer to the Service for Foreigners Affairs and to Bosnia and Herzegovina as well.He expressed his satisfaction with sucessfully realized common project „Prevention of illegal migrants in Bosnia and Herzegovina and region, and voluntary return of illegal migrants'. Under this project the Governement of Switzerland in last four and half years unselfishly helped the process of voluntary return of illegal migrants in BiH.

By the implementation of aforesaid project, it has been enabled voluntary return into their country of origin for 1061 illegal migrants. Through the purchase of specialized equipment and uniforms, then through carried out education funded by this project, the capacities of Service are significantly enhanced and it is enabled more efficient combat against all forms of illegal migrations, treatment of vulnerable categories, thus enabled more efficient process of return of illegal migrants into their homelands. By organizing regional initiatives, it is enhanced the cooperation between Bosnia and Herzegovina and countries of Southeast Europe in regard with migration issue.

Further to, the representatives of the Embassy of Switzerland were informed on current situation regarding migration issue in BiH, with particular reference to the significant increase of illegal migrants' number. It is highlighted that in the first nine months of 2017 the number of illegal migrants in Bosnia and Herzegovina  increased for nearly  350% in relation to the same period in last year. Mainly are citizens of Afganistan, Pakistan, Algeria, Lybia and Turkey. On the other hand, it is significant increase of entry and stay of foreigners from countries of non-visa and visa regime, as a result of increased interest of foreigners for tourist visit and stay in BiH.

At the meeting was discussed also on the implementaion of project 'Support to the efficient management of migration and border in Bosnia and Herzegovina' funded by the Government of Switzerland. Upgrading and integrating data into comprehensive migration information system, then establishing system 'on-line registration' of foreigners in legal and natural persons who provide accommodation services, shall be significantly improved efficiency of Service for Foreigners Affairs in migration management in BiH.

The interlocutors voiced confidence that the cooperation of Service for Foreigners Affairs and the Embassy of Switzerland shall remain at the high level.

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