Director of ICITAP visited Service for Foreigners’ Affairs

Director of International Criminal Investigative Training Assistance Program (ICITAP) in BiH Charles W. Bennett, visited today (29 August 2017 ) Service for Foreigners' Affairs , and met with the Director Slobodan Ujić and Deputy Director Mirsad Buzar.

On this ocassion, Director of ICITAP found out about current situation regarding issue of migration in BiH, with particular reference to the significant increase of number of illegal migrants.

It has been emphasized that in the first half of year 2017 the number of illegal migrants in Bosnia and Herzegovina increased for almost 300% in relation to the same period in last year. On the other hand, it is considerable the increase of entry and stay of foreigners from countries of non-visa regime and visa regime, as a result of heightened interest of foreigners in visit and stay in BiH.

Director Ujić particularly highlighted good cooperation of the Service with ICITAP, which was from the very first day of Service's establishment the major partner in providing support to the work of Service, and strengthening its material-technical and personnel capacities, which has for a result more efficient prevention and suppression of illegal migration in BiH.

At the meeting was discussed also about implementation of project Biometrics that is funded and implemented by ICITAP in the Service for Foreigners' Affairs. In the light of above, it was discussed on the requirements for certain specialized trainings intended for inspectors for aliens aiming to further improvement of their work.

Bennett said that ICITAP is at disposal to Service for Foreigners' Affairs for each form of assistence and support , in order to counteract more efficient to all safety challenges of today.

Director Ujić thanked to ICITAP and USA Government for the contribution in development of Service and voiced confidence that succesfful cooperation shall continue.

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