Joint Committee on Human Rights of the BiH Parliamentary Assembly visited SFA

Members of Joint Committee on Human Rights of the BiH Parliamentary Assembly headed by Chairman Borislav Bojić and UNHCR representatives for BiH visited today headquarters of SFA and on this occasion discussed with SFA Management about current situation in the field of migration with emphasis on issues of increased number of illegal migrants and asylum seekers in BiH.

Director of SFA, Slobodan Ujić briefed them about current situation regarding the multiple increases of illegal migrants in BiH and expressed concern because the number of migrants drastically increased on daily basis, and emphasized that is needed to enhance capacities of Service in order to cope successfully with arrival of new wave of migrants. He stressed in particular that Service while processing migrants is taking care of respect for human rights.

Chairman of Joint Committee on Human Rights, Borislav Bojić expressed satisfaction with the results so far of SFA, as well readiness to provide an additional support on advancement of Service’s work pursuant to competencies of Commission.

The UNHCR representatives emphasized that they recognize the importance of role of SFA in proceedings of expressing intention for asylum in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Representatives of Joint Committee on Human Rights and UNHCR visited as well Immigration Centre and found out about the work of Centre and its accommodation capacities which are almost full due to the large influx of immigrants in Bosnia and Herzegovina

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