Stoffregen was disbarred in February 2014 in connection with a

standing for designatedpower of attorney which would have meant he was signing the agreement on his mother's behalf, not personally guaranteeing to pay the bill."Defendant believed that his mother would be refused care by Plaintiff and feared for her well being if he did not sign the documents," Rook wrote in Ferguson's response to the lawsuit.The contract likely wouldn't be an issue today, Rook said,if not for Michael Stoffregen,the Ozark attorney who had been hired to handle Ruth Ferguson's Medicaid application.Stoffregen was disbarred in February 2014 in connection with a failure to pay taxes.To further support theargument that thefinancial agreement process was mishandled, Rook pointed out that, in one part of the contract,an employeeof Marantha Village actually signed the line pledging tobe personally responsible for paying the bill."It's pretty indicative of how the whole process went," Rook said.In a counterclaim, Fergusonhas allegedMaranatha Village engaged in fraudulent billing practices, a charge the facility has denied. Ruth Ferguson died in late 2014.Rook said that while she's handled similar cases before, none of them have actually gone to trial, as the dispute between Ferguson and Maranatha is slated to do Thursday. And she's never seen both sides essentially playing for the same team in this case a church.Rook Cheap Jerseys china,who is handling Ferguson's case probono, assumes Marantha Village has spent more on legal fees than the original amount it said Ferguson owed.

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