Complex situation in BiH regarding issue of illegal migration

In the last three months, it has been detected in Bosnia and Herzegovina in total 440 illegal migrants and Service for Foreigners' Affairs conducted necessary proceedings.   They are migrants from countries of high migration risk, who are in individual cases or smaller groups trying to use the BiH territory as a transit area on the way toward EU countries. In most cases, they are citizens from Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia and Iraq, and they enter territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina from direction of Albania over Montenegro, and small number of citizens from Iran use non-visas regime with Republic of Serbia, illegally enter into Republic of Serbia, and further  illegaly entering into BiH.

In the last three moths, the number of illegal migrants that Service admits from the Republic of Croatia according to the provisions of Agreement on Readmission  has been increased. Thus, in the last three months, it has been admitted in total 125 persons from the Republic Croatia for whom has been established that they entered from region of BiH. Mainly, they are citizens from Turkey and Albania who abuse non-visas regime with BiH, tending after illegal entry in BiH, to proceed illegally travel toward countries of Western Europe, and also citizens from Kosovo, citizens from Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Service undertakes all necessary measures and actions with a view of their removal from the BiH territory, and to return them into their countries of origin or countries from which they illegally entered at the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina pursuant to the Agreement on Readmission.

Due to the multiple increase of number of illegal migrants in BiH and difficult process of their removal into countries of origin, the accommodation capacities for placing under surveillance of illegal migrants are almost full.

Aggravating fact in this situation is that Montenegro and Republic Croatia do not comply in fully the provisions of agreement on readmission with Bosnia and Herzegovina. It was observed increased number of foreign citizens who without prior notice and consent by Service for Foreigners' Affairs, the authorities of aforementioned neighbouring countries indicate towards the BiH territory which is contrary to the provisions of agreement on readmission that Bosnia and Herzegovina concluded.

In the first eleven months in 2017, the total number of illegal migrants who upon conducted proceedings by Service for Foreigners' Affairs were placed under surveillance or directly returned to country from which entered in BiH, is increased for 380 percent.

Although BiH is not exposed to massive migration influx, the large number of migrants reside in the countries of region and they are stopped at the Balkan's route, trying to find alternative routes of movement toward EU countries, which includes also transit over the BiH territory. Service for Foreigners' Affairs controls successfully migration in Bosnia and Herzegovina, with assistence of other law enforcement agencies, and besides aggravating circumstances deals with all challenges of increased influx of illegal migrants in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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