Migrants from Bihać has been placed at Asylum Center

SFA conducted certain activities aimed at transport of migrants from Una- Sana Canton at the facility of Asylum Center in Delijaš managed by the BiH Ministry of Security, pursuant to its competencies, with assistance of officials of Ministry of Interior Affairs of Una- Sana Canton and Canton Sarajevo.

It’s about 93 migrants who resided at the parks and green areas at the urban part of Bihać. They are transported by buses that the BiH Ministry of Security provided at the Asylum Center Delijaš in Trnovo.   The aforesaid activities took place without any problems, especially taking care on protection of all human rights of migrants, in particular with vulnerable categories.

The adequate accommodation shall be provided to the migrants in spite of insufficient capacities, as well needed health protection, and all other necessary conditions for human stay until solving their status in BiH upon submitted request for international protection. By this activities shall be decreased pressure at the region of Bihać which is in previous period the most affected by increased influx of migrants.

Over 8930 migrants were the subject of work by SFA from the beginning of year until today. Service for Foreigners’ Affairs conducts registration of migrants, takes their biometric data , collects on daily basis operative information and information on points of illegal crossing of borders, their movement through BiH, and existence of elements of smuggling in migrants, therefore by information exchange with other law enforcement agencies provides its contribution to the total security in BiH

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