System for online registration of aliens' stay in Bosnia and Herzegovina 'e-Stranac' becomes operational today at the permises of Service for Foreigners' Affairs.This system is intended for usage by any legal and natural persons in Bosnia and Herzegovina who offer accommodation services to aliens residing in BiH.  Their legal obligation thanks to the newly created online system, all legal and natural person may conduct in a very simple, fast and efficient way. Usage of this system provides significant saving of funds and time for obliged persons for registration.

System for online registration of aliens is developed within the project 'Support to the efficient migration and border management in BiH'  funded by Goverment of  Swiss Confederation, and realized in cooperation with BiH Ministry of Security, Service for Foreigners' Affairs, then Criminal Policy Research Centre (CPRC) from Sarajevo.

System for online registration of aliens shall advance considerably capacities of the BiH Service for Foreigners' Affairs which is competent for enforcement of the BiH Law on Aliens, in domain of control of aliens' residence registration. In order to get familiar the users of system with its possibilities and advantages, in next three months will be organized a special public campaign in order to inform  the general public then as well users of system.

It has been registered during last year in BiH the stay of  695.000 aliens, thus that figure increases from year to year. This system shall advance security aspect of alien's stay registration, but however shall serve for the further development of tourist sector, and growth of charges of public revenues.

Legal and natural persons who offer accommodation services to the aliens, with prior consent, may access to the system for online registration of alien's stay in Bosnia and Herzegovina via domain SPS pointed out that all legal and natural persons who offer such a type of services are obliged to conduct registration of aliens' stay at the Service for Foreigners' Affairs pursuant to the provisions of the BiH Law on Aliens. Appropriate sanctions are stipualted for providers of accommodation services who failed to carry out these obligations.

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