Visit of EUFOR Commander to the Service of Foreigners’ Affairs

Commander of peacekeeping forces of EUFOR in BiH, Major General Anton Waldner visited today the Headquarters of Service for Foreigners' Affairs and on this occassion had a meeting with the Service's Management on current situation and matters which lie within the competence of Service, with special focus on problems of increased number of illegal migrants in BiH.

Director of Service for Foreigners' Affairs Slobodan Ujić informed the EUFOR Commander about the work of Service, its competences, organisational structure and the role which has in safety system of BiH, as well with the current situation of multiple increases of illegal migrats in BiH, because the number of illegal migrants increased drastically in the previous year  and still continues in 2018.

Major General Waldner emphasized that EUFOR recognizes the key role of the Service for Foreigners' Affairs in providing of secure environment in BiH.

'I am convinced as the EUFOR Commander that our cooperation shall be successful and I stress that EUFOR is ready to support Service for Foreigners' Affairs pursuant to our mandate in order to help the BiH institutions in maintaining a secure environment in BiH', stated Waldner. He underlined that even better cooperation shall be established between Service and EUFOR by signing of Memorandum of Understanding, given that both organisations deal with security issue.

Director thanked to the Commander on this visit and provided support, and stressed that in spite of difficult circumstances, by joint acting and daily cooperation of competent institutions, Service controls successfully trend of additional increase of illegal entries and prevents the phenomenon of migrant crisis in BiH.

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